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The “Scientifically Technical firm “New Technologies” specializes to the fulfilment of electric power calculations. The part of the profit of enterprise monthly to spend on improvement of the firmware part of the enterprise. Which makes it possible for firm not only successfully to work on the electrotechnical market traditional for itself, but also to occupy the part of the sector of the market for information technologies.

Into the sphere of the interests of firm enter the works bonded :

  • by the design of electrical stations (heat power plant , hydroelectric power plant, wind power station etc (with exception of atomic power plants));
  • by the design of electrical systems and transmission networks of electric power;
  • by the deliveries of electric power equipment;
  • by the fulfillment of the calculations of bonded with the electric part of enterprises, including oil industry;
  • by the creation of the systems of automated control and monitoring by different productions , including transmission networks of electric power;
  • by the development a programs (data base, the system of imitation simulation, the calculated - logical programs of etc);


33, Pomorskay str., Moscow , Russia;

Tel: +7 095 172-87-12; +7 095 785-40-97;

Fax: +7 095 172-87-12;

E-mail: support@ntfnt.ru;

Internet : http://www.ntfnt.ru;


In last year the colleagues of firm were successfully realised several projects:

  • project according to the calculation of the parameters of small heat power plant (1,2 MW);
  • project for delivery and installation of commutation equipment and systems of automation for designed heat power stations;
  • project on the technical and economic substantiation of the parameters of hybrid electrical stations (diesel generator and wind power station);
  • project on the technical-economic substantiation of the possibility of the modernisation of a number of the average hydroelectric power plants (to 400 MW), located on the territory of Russian Federation;
  • project on designed and servicing of the computational network of the enterprise of Elma-Phytol;
  • project on developed the instrument of distance diagnostics of the state of the windings of transformer ;


Also in the foregoing years the colleagues of firm it was executed the projects:

  • project according to the calculation of the parameters of electric part of the petroleum pumping plant;
  • project on developed the system of diagnostics of the equipment of hydroelectric power plants and the system of logical trainers, built on the base of the knowledge of the system of diagnostics was developed;
  • it was executed a number of projects on the selection of the parameters of transformer substations;
  • project on designed and inculcated automated system of the collection of information from the territory of Russian Federation ;


The qualification of colleagues

All colleagues of firm have higher education, bonded:

  • by the power supply of industrial enterprises;
  • by design and by the operation of electrical power plant;
  • by the design of the systems of industrial automation;

The part of the colleagues has scientific degrees. The scientific articles of our colleagues yearly are published in the leading periodicals of electrotechnical profile. The program packets, developed by our colleagues are used in the number of the universities of Russian Federation.

Standard for our colleagues is:

  • knowledge of AutoCAD 2000;
  • knowledge of the applications programs of calculation and solution of the problems of industrial power supply;
  • work experience on the industrial objects;
  • knowledge of personal computer;


The partners of firm on the market for electrotechnical equipment is firms occupying by production and assembly of electrotechnical equipment. The agreements on the lasting collaboration are signed with the number of major machine-building plants:

  • Belgorod power-machine building plant (steam and hot-waters boiler, pipelines);
  • Belgorod plant of metal structures (a power and close fittings , etc);
  • Uralelektromash (transformers, switches, disconnector switches, cables);
  • Uralgidromash (hydro-turbine, pumps);
  • Plant heat-instrument (equipment on the automation of the heating systems, water supply, calculation of heat energy);

The firm to conclude a agreements with the remaining machine - building plants to work on project as needed.

A good knowledge of the contemporary Russian market for electrotechnical equipment, the professionalism of colleagues make it possible for firm to project the objects, whose cost differ significantly from the competitors.

Analysis more than 10 of small heat power stations of those built in last 2 years in the territory of the Russian Federation shows that the cost of small power stations in which our firm participated more than 2 times of less than the cost of the analogous objects of designed by competitors.


Oil industry

One of the specific fields where our firm is working in is electrical part of the oil industry facilities. We can provide both an electrical part design and power equipment supply.

We are able to provide:

  • a full-scale electrical design of oil pumping station;
  • choosing electrical power equipment (such as electric actuators for pumps and engines, control equipment and units, switchgears, cables, etc) at customer’s technical request;
  • checking the electrical equipment and design decisions to satisfy the technical requirements and all kinds of norms and standards;
  • working out the cable routing plan across the oil station area;
  • cable layout for a separate facilities and buildings within the station area;
  • design for grounding of the facilities and buildings within the station;
  • lightning protection design for the whole oil station territory;
  • draw up the electrical field decisions (cable routing, lighting design, electrical switch equipment layout and so on) for the self-contained or separate buildings or facilities in the station area.

In a case of need, we can provide an assignment for necessary electrical equipment that is needed to order in accordance with our finished electrical design. We can look for a contractor to make this equipment to order.

Our firm’s staff has a wide experience in the oil station designing, including big international projects.

Power station

Another of the field where our firm is working heat and hydro power plant.

We can carry out the project of the electrical stations:

  • intended for the work on transmission grid;
  • intended for the work off transmission grid;

Project includes the following main points:

  • energy calculations (by heat-energy or by water-energy);
  • the selection of basic power machinery equipment (generator, turbine, hot-waters boiler, etc);
  • the selection of accessory equipment;
  • the calculation of electrics part of the power station;
  • the selection of the automatic equipment of power unit and power station;
  • the construction of the energy characteristics of power units and power station;
  • the project of the building of power station;
  • the determination of the financial effectiveness of power station;

After the fulfilment of project the firm can to participate in the deliveries of the necessary equipment